"Far apart from the typical grandstanding of inexperienced, self-serving and egregiously incompetent “small press publishers,” online or in-print, has emerged the consummately talented, driven, and thoroughly competent person known as Alicia Winski, founder and editor-in-chief of NightWing Publications. Ms Winski offers writers, poets, and artists a veracity of purpose, resolve, and calling that literature in America hasn’t experienced for quite some time. She is taking forth her flight through a maze of considerable obstacles and challenges, determined to find the most excellent literary voices extant, whether from the U.S. or internationally, academic or outlaw. Alicia will establish her credibility in no uncertain terms, through independence of mind and clarity of vision that will make Nightwing Publications a force emergent for establishing a greater posterity in American arts and letters."

    --Michael Annis, Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Howling Dog Press.

Author Alicia Winski, of Seattle, was born and raised in Southern CA.  Having lived many of her formative years in several beach areas such as Venice, Playa del Rey and Malibu, California, she developed an early affinity for water and often incorporates that affinity, along with her love of music and color, into much of her writing.

Her work has been featured in numerous publications,  including Twizted Tungz, Jan 2013, Vol 4 Marbella Marbella Adelante!, (Spain) Dec 2012, The Shwilby.com, Twizted Tungz, Vol. 3, Neon Highway Poetry Magazine, Issue 23, Requiem Magazine, Edition 6, The Right Eyed Deer, 5th Edition, Edgar Allan Poet, Real Change.org, Cliterature Journal, Rolling  Thunder Press, Ygdrasil, A Journal Of The Poetic Arts, RezFez and Poetic Diversity. Her first poetry collection,
"Running On Fumes", was published in early 2010, with a second collection entitled "Dreaming In Color",  and a third collection, "of dreams & mortality", 
set for release sometime in 2017.

Winski, cut her teeth on publishing as one of two editors for small press, Edgar & Lenore's Publishing House. While there, Winski partnered in bringing to the literary table, five titles, including Amazon's #1 best seller,
"In The Company of Women, An Anthology of Wit& Wisdom, Sass & Class" and 
"Men In the Company of Women, An Anthology of Praise & Persuasion", released in February of 2013 where it remained #1 on the Amazon charts for best selling men's anthology.  In addition, she is co-editor/publisher of "Actual Tigers" by William Crawford,  and "Dialect of Dahlias" by Gloria J. Wimberley.

In her own writing, Alicia Winski brings a fiercely honest approach to poetry in a unique voice, and with her work published nationwide and internationally, she continues to build her audience..

"Fine lines define/this road map upon my face/a highway of information/stored in each and every turn". Thus begins the title poem of Alicia Winski's, "Running On Fumes". The lines to which the poet refers are hard-won truths, shared with a gritty passion and honesty that makes this collection nearly impossible to put down. If you read these poems and find yourself asking questions like, "How did she know?" and "who let her inside my life?", you are not alone. The experiences of which Winski writes so insightfully are truly universal. From 'Looking Glass': "I've given little to the men/who would love me and/everything to the men who would not.

Although nearly all of the poems are penned from a feminine, first-person point of view, their scope is not limited to female experience - the pain and frustration they convey will resonate with male audiences as well. Men of all ages will find either their pain or their behavior (or both) on these pages; there is ample fodder here for self-examination and reflection. These poems are raw, unmasked indictments, from which no one is immune. In the course of her journey from abject despair through heartbreak and disillusionment to eventual acceptance, Winski addresses all of the demons that have preyed upon her and calls them by their rightful names, even when she must reveal her own weaknesses and vulnerabilities in doing so. "Running On fumes", is a poetic exercise in courage and an inspiration to anyone making the journey from pain to wisdom."

Readers Favorites

"Where many poets end is where Winski starts. Her best poems often feature common situations in lovesick poetry--for example, being lonely even when sharing a bed. Then her poems go somewhere rare. Somewhere with a hot flame. Because it is a mistake to read Winski as if she bleeds. She burns.  -Victor Schwartzman, Poetry Editor/Target Audience Magazine

"Alicia Winski, through her unique voice, playful spirit and often unpredictable perspective, captures a point of view which holds passion, compassion and resiliency with fearless abandon. Alicia has a craft that is melodic, honest and often times, quite sultry. Her words encompass strength, courage and a passionate perspective on life and love through the eyes of a poet".

Apryl Skies, Editor ~
Edgar & Lenore's Publishing House




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