Clarice Keegan is a powerful force of nature in a world where chaos meets color. Living on the edge between ocean and space, Clarice paints lines that string the universe together ~ lines descending to paper through the hollow point of a Rapidograph pen, blooming in opaque water colors, inks and liquid acrylics.

Along with Paula Friedrich, Michael Hood, Patrick Lincoln, Thomas Hubbard, Todd Davis, David Caserio, and Brian Robinson, Keegan was one of the first members to convene in what became an organizational board named the "Seattle Poetry Slam."  While painting appears to have come her first and most passionate love, Clarice is a fine poet and will occasionally grace the stages of poetry with her fine and vivid readings.


Seat of Desire:
Interior Redecorations

Clarice Keegan

Why I Was Adopted

Clarice Keegan


"Inside Out"

Media: Ink, opaque water color, liquid acrylic

Size:  7 x 10 inches



"Winter Sunset"

Media: Ink, opaque water colors,
liquid acrylic

Size:  1.5 x 1.5 inches



                         "Track Past The Moon"

                               Media:  Ink, liquid acrylic
                                   Size: 5 x 3.5 inches

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