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"Far apart from the typical grandstanding of inexperienced, self-serving and egregiously incompetent “small press publishers,” online or in-print, has emerged the consummately talented, driven, and thoroughly competent person known as Alicia Winski, founder and editor-in-chief of NightWing Publications. Ms Winski offers writers, poets, and artists a veracity of purpose, resolve, and calling that literature in America hasn’t experienced for quite some time. She is taking forth her flight through a maze of considerable obstacles and challenges, determined to find the most excellent literary voices extant, whether from the U.S. or internationally, academic or outlaw. Alicia will establish her credibility in no uncertain terms, through independence of mind and clarity of vision that will make NightWing Publications a force emergent for establishing a greater posterity in American arts and letters."

                                                 Michael Annis, Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Howling Dog Press.

Please join us and help publish and promote the finest writers and our efforts by making a donation today.  Your contribution to NightWing Publications  supports an independent press with a growing presence in the publishing  community.  Your support helps us bring NightWing Publications and its authors to the widest possible audience.















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