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Howling Dog Press : Since 1981, publishing world literature & art at the forefront of new millennial culture: boldly prophetic, iconoclastic, cutting edge, unappeased, visionary, non-compromised, undeceived at the ramparts, can’t be bought-off; legend in its own time:

Howling Dog Press neither promotes nor perpetrates loyalties to malevolent social engineers, self-serving propagandists, folksy-talkin’ totalitarians, self-righteous pirates, pious hooligans, portfolioed thugs, clandestine racists, pseudo-artistic conmen, scheming puppet masters, humble oligarchists, corporate conspirators, brave new world Nazis, or sundry adulated predators.

Credo: Craft & substance to expose and eviscerate the many precious manifestations of tyranny.


unPrison Project

To build life skills capacity for women and girls in prison as tools to plan, set goals, and prepare for a successful life after their release.

Our programs work to empower, inspire, and cultivate critical thinking, life skills, self-reflection, and peer mentoring.
At the same time, we bring public awareness about the needs of incarcerated women and their children.

Shattered Serenade

Shattered Serenade is an all-female melodic metal band based in New York City. With influences ranging from Kittie and In This Moment to Stone Sour and Mushroomhead, their sound is guaranteed to resonate with any metal fan who loves a catchy melody and meaningful lyrics.


SpyArt ~ The art of Clarice Keegan. "Chaos meets color in my world.  I live on the edge between ocean and space.  I paint the lines that string the universe connected.  A vision of lines descends to paper through the hollow point of a Rapidograph pen and blooms in opaque water colors, inks, and liquid acrylics.  From the moment I saw the lines in the first coloring book they have never left me.  Black rules.  Color tames." 


4 artists based at Unit 10 Viaduct Mills, Savile Street, Milnsbridge Huddersfield HD3 4PJ

Dex Hannon
China 9
Evil Jesus
Dexuality Valentino ...

Have a trip over to their website at

 Red Fez is an artist-run organization determined to publish and promote creative, meaningful and accessible artistic pursuits and collaborations. Our mission is to provide opportunities for writers, artists and musicians to create, promote, publish and profit (in kind, in cash, in notoriety, in backrubs - hey artists will take whatever they can get these days!) from their work; and for readers, art enthusiasts and music fans to discover, connect and support art and artists meaningful and entertaining to them. We believe in accessible art and an accessible artistic community. Red Fez is a melting pot of people interested in creating, sharing and discovering writing, music, art and more.

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Santa Barbara Chocolate

Since 1992 Santa Barbara Chocolate has been the trusted source for happy people just like you: the chocolate lover, the chocolate maker, chef and baker. Take your creative inspirations to the level of excellence. Our success is built upon quality and value. And your happiness is the measure of our success. Try our bulk dark chocolates and see why we have secretly been gaining customers world wide.

Chocolate lovers across the globe can now enjoy a one stop shop for the freshest and highest quality chocolate on the market. As a chocolate connoisseur the brand  Santa Barbara Chocolate conjures up images of exceptional quality. A premium name that rolls around the tongue, bringing the finest quality of pure chocolate bliss to the taste buds.



Rich Follett performs easy-on-the-ears acoustic folk music. His song list includes familiar tunes from the 1920’s to the present as well as his original compositions, which offer insightful lyrics and inviting melodies you will want to hear over and over again. Rich is a public school teacher whose program is punctuated with interesting anecdotes and true stories from his classroom experiences.

Somewhere in the Stars” Now Available on iTunes

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