Allow us to introduce you to the latest contribution from our very own Rich Follett!


NightWing Publications is proud to introduce you to our latest release by not only an incredible author, but one of our beloved editors as well; Rich Follett.

When we first started this journey, we decided to take it through unchartered and unmapped waters. We wanted more than anything to release a "first" to our readers; our first hard-cover, our first glossy paged collection and equally as important, our first colored photographs high-lighting and illustrating the most beautiful, playful and stunning writings we have ever been lucky enough to publish. With this beginning of firsts, we not only put our faith and trust in each other as writers, and editors, but as friends. Fortunately, we have survived all criteria and what we have to offer you now is a visual work of art which is, in the larger scheme of life, truly a collaboration of artists.

This collection is a numbered treasure. We have had printed only a certain amount of these books. They are signed and numbered by the poet himself and they will never be offered in this format again, so please, feel free to treat yourself to the beautiful moments captured not only in Rich Follett's incredibly charming and lovely words, but in the stunning photography we have been gifted with by the amazing P.D. Lietz (P.D. Lietz Photography) along with some beautiful and rare shots shared by Rich Follett Himself, Mary Ruth Alred Follett, Anna Husain, Jesse Frazier, and yes, even a shot or two by myself, Alicia Winski.  So feast and indulge your senses with, "photo~ku: kigo and satori at play in pixel land."



"photo~ku, kigo play in pixel land" is digital photography and ekphrastic haiku by rich follett with photography by P.D. Lietz Photography, Alicia Winski, Anna Husain and Jesse Frazier.

This brilliant hard-cover beauty is personally signed and numbered by the author and will make a welcome, much loved addition to your book shelves.

"Drawing inspiration from photographic art, Follett has produced an intimate collection pulsing with the seasons and rejoicing in the beauty of detail. Follett skillfully unfolds a perceptive pathway towards the more profoundly spiritual. His love of language is revealed through exceptional, and often delightfully surprising, vocabulary. To immerse in this collection is to take a walk through the world with a treasured, sage friend – pleasurable, provoking, and enlightening."

Dale Winslow, Editor ~ NeoPoiesis Press



Cristina Umpfenbach-Smyth’s harmonies unfold as concise, crystalline miniatures, encapsulating natural states as though a Mary Oliver vision had been distilled for a haiku consciousness. But place her in a vector of discord, whether over breast cancer or the inability of others to forgive, and she will apply that same distillation to searing examinations of exquisitely-defined moments of fear and sorrow. By offering this yin and yang in a single volume of poetry, Umpfenbach-Smyth serves up the ideal balanced diet.

Loring Wirbel/Poet/Journalist

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NightWing Publications Presents A powerful & touching collection of poetry chronicling the life stages of NY based writer Barbara H. Moore. "Barbara Moore writes as a witness describing her own creation, her own process through it, by naming the details in poetic terms that sink into the heart. She walks fearlessly through memory and dream as she welds with words to make a sculpted thing of beauty. Her passion for it is there, in the most delicate flourish to the simplest phrase, all of it turning on the wheel of experience that she has thrown into the mix as a sometimes canvas, sometimes mirror, to display the imagery that she commends so deftly. Read this work for the sake of opening what needs to be more open, for filling what needs to be filled". 

A. Razor, Editor of Punk Hostage Press & Author of "Half-Century Status"

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...and it happened under cover, the first collection published by NightWing Publications, is an intimate collection of poetry, prose & short stories revealing fantasies & desires too often kept hidden in the dark.

"How can one not fall in love with an anthology that begins with a quote by Jim Morrison, quoting Blake? At times whimsical, at times surreal, this collection runs the gamut of human emotions, indulges the senses, begs to be worn like sin "a hidden treasure, aching to be discovered. "Like a siren ripping through a quiet night," they speak of a "voluptuous Geoid" where your "pineal gland spins freely" in "the eternal weather of almighty passion" and no rules apply. "Stripped of the ghosts they wear", they command, demand attention. The reader is "rocked wildly beneath the weight of healing waters" and comes undone, a willful prisoner, exchanging cells and selves with the many poets. Beautifully edited by Alicia Winski and Rich Follett, and it happened under cover is meant to be savored with ecstasy.

Helene Cardona, Actress and Author of Dreaming My Animal Selves

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