While we are thrilled that so many fine manuscripts and writings have been sent out way, we are  forced to put a moratorium on submissions at this time so that we can give the on hand submissions we have received our entire attention. Thank you for your patience. We will remove this notice when we are accepting manuscripts again.

Submission Guidelines

Thank you for considering NightWing to send your work to NightWing promises to try to give your work the same respect you do, therefore, please read the guidelines carefully before hitting the send button.

While we will consider previously published work (as long as credits are given where credits are due), we do not accept simultaneous submissions. As we are a newly functioning press, we are still finding our way, therefore, we have no particular genre or theme. Just make it interesting. Take a look around the site and see what's already up, and that can help guide you in deciding  if what you want to submit, is what you think we'd like to publish.

And, please when submitting work, no cute colored swirly type fonts, in different sizes. Make it easy on yourself and us. Nobody likes to hear NO, and nobody likes to SAY No. Also, please send a bio. Not one of those generic and interchangeable bios. If you're sending us interesting work, you must be a somewhat interesting person. Tell us what makes you so.

Your work can be submitted to:

Please make sure you put "Submissions" in the subject line. We cannot promise an immediate response, but we do promise one, and hopefully one before the next ice age. Please note that we do not pay for publishing your work, but you do get to see your name up there in nice pretty colors and hopefully wedged in between some other fabulous writers such as yourself, or nestled next to some very cool artwork.  You will retain all your rights, but we retain the rights to publish it online for up to one (1) year after initial publication.


Please send your work in one single document, but no more than five pieces please. We accept .doc, .rtf, .txt or pdf formats.


Please submit no more than two pieces of fiction/nonfiction at one time. If they are short, you may submit three, also in doc,.rtf, .txt or pdf formats.  Hit us with your best shot.



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