Our latest release, "photo~ku: kigo and satori at play in pixel land" by Rich Follett!

"photo~ku, kigo play in pixel land" is digital photography and ekphrastic haiku by Rich Follett with photography by P.D. Lietz Photography, Alicia Winski, Anna Husain and Jesse Frazier.

This brilliant hard-cover beauty is personally signed and numbered by the author and will make a welcome, much loved addition to your book shelves.

"Drawing inspiration from photographic art, Follett has produced an intimate collection pulsing with the seasons and rejoicing in the beauty of detail. Follett skillfully unfolds a perceptive pathway towards the more profoundly spiritual. His love of language is revealed through exceptional, and often delightfully surprising, vocabulary. To immerse in this collection is to take a walk through the world with a treasured, sage friend – pleasurable, provoking, and enlightening."

Dale Winslow, Editor ~ NeoPoiesis Press


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